Anna’s paper on the effectiveness of several current antivirals against both lab and UK clinical isolates of human parainfluenza type 3 (PIV3) is now accepted for publication. The study identified favipiravir as a potentially useful therapeutic agent against PIV3, and also showed significant differences in the susceptabilities of lab-adapted and recent UK clinical strains of PIV3 to the neuraminidase inhibitor zanamavir. JournalRead More →

Just published in MCP with the Roy lab from LSHTM: phosphoproteomic analysis of Bluetongue virus infected cells. We used phosphoproteomics to identify kinase regulation during BTV and related orbivirus infection. Pubmed         Journal    Data – PRIDE     Read More →

We just published a new preprint in bioRxiv. We study how norovirus polyprotein precursors containing the norovirus protease (NS6) confer protein:protein interactions and localisation upon the protease. This regulates the ability of the protease to access specific substrates. As the rates of polyprotein cleavage result in shifts in precursor abundance throughout infection, this allows the virus to temporally and spatially control protease activity. BiorXivRead More →