Anna has two new parainfluenza virus type 3 papers now out. In the first paper she looked at the sequences of parainfluenza virus type 3 strains circulating in the UK. In her second, she used this data to develop a new diagnostic PCR and track a previously undetected PIV3 outbreak that occurred on a pediatric oncology ward. The papers can be found on Wellcome Open Research. Paper 1: Sequencing of PIV3 strains circulating in the UK Paper 2: Unrecognised outbreak of PIV3 on a pediatric oncology wardRead More →

Together with 8 other eLife Ambassadors, Ed published a correspondence in Nature in response to an earlier article suggesting that preprints are problematic for scientific reporting. We argued that if standard journalistic practices are followed, preprints are no more problematic to report on than peer-reviewed articles. Our correspondence came out alongside two similar letters – ‘Preprints: safeguard rigour together’ and ‘Preprints: help not hinder journalism’.   The correspondence can be viewed here.Read More →

Our new preprint from first author Harrison Specht is now out on bioRxiv. In it we show a new cleanup-free method for mass spectrometry sample preparation, that makes single cell proteomics higher throughput, more robust, more reproducible and significantly cheaper and compatible with common and affordable lab equipment.   bioRxivRead More →

Ed was awarded one of four Tandem Mass Tag Research awards. These are an annual international award by Thermo Scientific given on the basis of ‘innovative and impactful’ research in Proteomics. Ed will be using his TMT research award to further the development of single cell Proteomics (SCoPE-MS). Thermo TMT award website  Read More →

I have a new preprint out with Marko Jovanovic (Columbia U.) and Nikolai Slavov. In it we review the evidence in favor of the existence of functionally specialized ribosomes, and discuss the approaches and tests that will allow confirmation of the specialized ribosome hypothesis. The preprint is hosted by PeerJ preprints.   Preprint    Read More →

I wrote a short piece for ‘We support preprints’ on how I think preprints are helping advance biology, and how they are particularly useful for early career researchers. The article can be found at More →

Fleith & Mears et. al. paper on IFIT-based translation inhibition now accepted in Nucleic Acids Research. The paper shows how homo- and heteromeric interactions between IFIT family members influence RNA-binding and thus translation inhibition. JournalRead More →

Anna’s paper on the effectiveness of several current antivirals against both lab and UK clinical isolates of human parainfluenza type 3 (PIV3) is now accepted for publication. The study identified favipiravir as a potentially useful therapeutic agent against PIV3, and also showed significant differences in the susceptabilities of lab-adapted and recent UK clinical strains of PIV3 to the neuraminidase inhibitor zanamavir. JournalRead More →