My name is Edward (Ed) Emmott and I am a Postdoc in Nikolai Slavovs lab at Northeastern University, where I am studying ribosome heterogeneity and the immune response, as well as single cell proteomics (SCoPE-MS). I moved to the Slavov lab in October 2017.

Previously I was a postdoc in Ian Goodfellows lab in the Department of Pathology at the University of Cambridge and Imperial College London where I studied norovirus.

My PhD was at the University of Leeds  under the supervision of Julian Hiscox, with my thesis on ‘High-throughput proteomics analysis of the interactions of avian coronavirus and its nucleocapsid with the host cell’. My Bachelors was from the University of Warwick in Medical Microbiology & Virology where my undergraduate research on Adenovirus interactions with PML bodies was supervised by Keith Leppard.


ORCID: 0000-0002-3239-8178


Github: @edemmott


OmicsDI: Edward Emmott


Researchgate: Edward_Emmott


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LinkedIn: Edward-Emmott





Emmott CV 20180614

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