My name is Edward Emmott and I am a postdoc in Nikolai Slavovs lab at Northeastern University. My current work involves studying specialized ribosomes, and the interaction of the immune system with protein synthesis. I am also involved in the lab’s efforts to further develop and apply single cell proteomics (SCoPE-MS). My past work has involved researching positive-sense RNA viruses – most recently norovirus, the cause of ‘winter vomiting disease’.

I’m interested in how viruses replicate and interact with their host, as well as how host cells defend against and adapt to viral infection. By understanding these processes, we can identify new drug targets, or use this information to design vaccines.

For more details please see about me, or my publications.

SCP2019 talk

YouTube: Sample preparation for SCoPE2-based single cell proteomics

Ed’s talk from SCP2019 held on 10-12th June 2019 in Boston, on sample preparation for SCoPE2-based single-cell proteomics is now available on YouTube, alongside workshop talks from Harrison, Gray and Nikolai on design, QC, and analysis considerations for single-cell proteomics. See Ed’s talk here.Read More →

Preprint: SCoPE2 – next generation single-cell proteomics

Just in time for SCP2019, we have a new preprint led by Harrison Specht released on bioRxiv titled ‘High-throughput single-cell proteomics reveals the emergence of macrophage heterogeneity’. In this manuscript we describe the various sample processing and computational advances that have come together to form our next-generation method for single-cellRead More →

Norovirus protease precursor manuscript published!

Ed’s last first-author manuscript from his time in the Goodfellow lab: ‘Polyprotein processing and intermolecular interactions within the viral replication complex spatially and temporally control norovirus protease activity’,  is now accepted in the Journal of Biological Chemistry. In it, we looked at the roles of different forms of the norovirusRead More →

Specialized ribosome review published!

Ed has a new first author review – ‘Ribosome heterogeneity: from form to function‘ published with co-authors Marko Jovanovic (Columbia U.) and Nikolai Slavov in Trends in Biochemical Sciences. In it we review the evidence in favor of the existence of functionally specialized ribosomes, and discuss the approaches and testsRead More →

Tandem Mass Tag Research Award!

Ed was awarded one of four Tandem Mass Tag Research awards. These are an annual international award by Thermo Scientific given on the basis of ‘innovative and impactful’ research in Proteomics. Ed will be using his TMT research award to further the development of single cell Proteomics (SCoPE-MS). Thermo TMTRead More →